It’s Time Virginia’s 7th District Had Real Leadership in Washington

By Derrick Anderson, October 15th, 2021

Several weeks ago, my family and I visited a familiar camping spot at Lake Anna in Central Virginia.  At the time, the withdrawal in Afghanistan had been announced and was underway, the debate over the infrastructure bill was beginning to take form, and Virginia as a whole became the national battleground for public education.  While sitting around the fire that Saturday night with my family, friends, and our neighboring campers, the sentiment was resounding—“there is an overall lack of leadership and accountability on behalf of Abigail Spanberger, President Biden, and their progressive counterparts in Washington,” and “their views are not aligned with the people who live in Central Virginia.”  

As the night went on, the campfire chat continued and my friends and family detailed a litany of wide-ranging issues: inflation, the constant threat of higher taxes, intra-party conflict amongst the Democrats, national security concerns, education, the border, and the deteriorating public security situation that stems from a misunderstanding and lack of support for our law enforcement.  

To some, these may be theoretical policy issues, but the worry on the faces of this group of Virginians provided further proof that the games being played by Washington politicians have practical consequences and are a reason for genuine concern.  These are issues that directly impact the people of Central Virginia—they’re feeling the decisions of these failed leaders in their homes and their communities and they feel like the government has become a sideshow where their voices are not being heard and their needs are not being met.  

Look no further than the Virginia Gubernatorial race, where these issues are highlighted daily.

Shortly after the camping trip, I sat in shock as I took in the scenes of the Taliban overrunning Afghanistan and watched in horror as the Biden administration mismanaged a failed withdrawal.  To top off this complete leadership void was the deafening silence of Abigail Spanberger who only spoke out against the withdrawal after ISIS-K terrorists murdered 13 service members outside of the Kabul airport.  

As a Central Virginian and a veteran of six overseas deployments, to include Iraq and Afghanistan, and now an attorney, I have seen how the failed policy decisions of Joe Biden and Abigail Spanberger impact the people of Central Virginia and how the Pelosi progressive agenda damages peoples’ lives and the standing of our country abroad.  As a leader of Green Berets and combat infantrymen, I also understand the vital importance of a leader that is accountable to the people they serve—something that is severely lacking within the Democratic party right now.  The bottom line is that I refuse to remain idle and watch this administration minimize the sacrifices of our service members and reduce our country to mismanaged mediocracy. 

That’s why I’ve decided to run for Congress—to serve and lead the people of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District the way that they deserve and do my part in helping guide our country back on the correct path. 

The United States is at a pivotal point and we can no longer accept faceless leaders, who push blame and point fingers.  Instead, we need leaders who will stand up and make the tough decisions they were elected to make, and protect this great Country and uphold the principles of the Constitution.  My goals are simple: defend and protect our country, ensure the prosperity of Central Virginians, and prevent government overreach.  That’s why as a leader, public servant, and a product of the district, I am compelled and obligated to run for Congress and represent the people that raised me.