Derrick Anderson, Former Special Forces Green Beret and Constitutional Attorney, Stands Behind Thomas Jefferson HS Parents’ Appeal to SCOTUS

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SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, VA – Today, Derrick Anderson announced his support for the Thomas Jefferson High School parents who filed an emergency application with the United States Supreme Court seeking to vacate the 4th Circuit’s 2-1 decision that allowed Fairfax County schools to continue using its new admissions policy, which is alleged to be discriminatory in nature.

       Additionally, he stands with the 16 attorneys general, led by Virginia’s Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares, that filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court against the admissions practices of Fairfax County. U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton rejected the new policy in February, ruling that impermissible “racial balancing” was at its core.

       “As a constitutional attorney, I can confidently say that Fairfax County’s actions to try and racially balance the student population of Thomas Jefferson High School’s School for Science and Technology is race-based discrimination in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause and denigrates students who are willing to put in hard work for a race-neutral merit based program, in exchange for a race-based decision process. Under the guise of diversity, TJ’s new admission policy is intentionally designed to decrease Asian-American enrollment, which is unconstitutional,” said Anderson. “Thomas Jefferson is one of the strongest high schools in America because of the students that work so incredibly hard to gain admission. Once again, the Fairfax County School Board is putting politics ahead of our kids all in an effort to appease the progressive agenda of the left.”

      Derrick Anderson is a native of Spotsylvania County, a graduate of Courtland High School, was in the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech, and received his J.D. from Georgetown Law. He is a former Special Forces “Green Beret” with 6 tours of duty overseas, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and various countries throughout the Middle East. Derrick was named to Young Gun’s “On the Radar” list, and is being supported by SealPAC and multiple sitting members of Congress, including the only Green Beret in Congress, Mike Waltz.

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