EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Candidate for VA’s 7th Congressional District Earns Key Endorsement

By Rebecca Downs,

February 3rd, 2022

Virginia’s 7th Congressional district has been shaken up quite a bit due to a redrawn map. Derrick Anderson, who announced his run last October, has stayed in the race, though, in hopes to be Rep. Abigail Spanberger’s Republican challenger this November. Not only has Anderson, a former Special Forces Green Beret earned the most in fundraising at this point, he’s also earned key endorsements, including from Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), who has something in common with Anderson.

“As the first Green Beret elected to Congress, I can personally attest that we need more veterans in DC to keep up the fight against the radical left and their socialist agenda. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Green Beret Derrick Anderson for Congress. Derrick is a true patriot who put his life on the line multiple times to defend America and keep our families safe. He’ll fight for you in Washington just like he fought for you on the battlefield, and that’s why I’m proud to endorse Derrick Anderson for Congress,” Rep. Waltz said in a press release obtained by Townhall in a first look exclusive. 

“As a friend, mentor, and fellow Green Beret, Congressman Mike Waltz’s endorsement gives me great honor. We have worked hand and hand on legislation to protect our service members overseas and to increase our combat effectiveness to defeat our enemies. He has and continues to be the epitome of a combat Commander, leading the charge in Congress to make sure more conservative veterans walk its halls and serve their constituents,” Anderson said. “Since leaving active-duty service, Congressman Waltz has always stressed to me that as a Green Beret and veteran our service never ends. Congressman Waltz served his country overseas, and now in Congress, and I am privileged to have the opportunity to follow in his footsteps—serving our great nation and to represent the people that raised me.”

Previous candidates, including those covered by Townhall, have left the race due to the new map. One such candidate, John Castorini, a fellow service member, dropped out last week and endorsed Anderson. 

Upon reaffirming his intention to run in the district last month, Anderson also earned the endorsement from SealPAC, which he announced on January 6. 

Anderson is a native of Spotsylvania County, which is now included in the 7th district. He graduated from Courtland High School, was in the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech, and received his J.D. from Georgetown Law. As part of his service as a Green Beret, Anderson had six tours of duty overseas, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries throughout the Middle East.

Should Anderson win the primary on June 21, he is likely to go up against Rep. Spanberger, a vulnerable Democrat who made her re-election bid official late last December. Governor Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s current Republican governor, won Spanberger’s district under the old map by 11 percentage points.